Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Ally, Audrey, David, Amy and Emily. Our FAM was Jonathan,  who wants to visit the West Coast, but doesn’t want to scuba dive. His dream job would involve cybersecurity. If money were no object he would buy a gaming PC and play Nautica. We started off the show with a Do Run for our FAM. Quickest Minute had us reenact the entirety of the Studio Ghibli film, Ponyo. During Pillars, the actual Slime was acting in the film. We had to make mac and cheese in the chair and got surgery to help us smell our way to the top! Chainsaw began as a chimney sweep in an underwater hydrothermal vent with a lawn dart, but ended with a construction worker inside a sewer with an apple.

Sing It was incredible, with such amazing musical numbers as “grilled cheese”,  “I’ll have a root beer float” and “I don’t want to be fried”. Story, Story, Die introduced us to the story of how California got the biggest ocean ship. It was too late for Audrey, who died by flesh-eating sea cucumber. Sports Commentator highlighted the finals in the breaking Olympics. The floorboards didn’t survive, and the vase was shattered. Shards were counted, but there were 513 and there was a penalty for that. We finished up with a spelling bee!

And Scene!!!