Good evening and here we are at BYOI’s Family Friendly Show where we have Erich, Josh, Meredith, Emily, Audrey and Ian. Our FAM tonight is Jamie, who is a contractor, hates Atlantic City and thinks his entourage is awesome! For our first game, Sing It, the house has no roof and the house may be made out of bread.

So we are off with Sit, Stand & Lie Down Ariel can’t go hiking and the witch thinks she is OK. Then in Remake, we learned that we should always pack a plastic bag and a package of Gummy Bears. Next up in Marriage Counselor, Emily keep stealing the little socks from the shoe department, our fun regular Paul, likes turning into a pickle and together they keep taking Gorillas from the Zoo. From there we have Centerpiece where Josh was on an Atlantic City Tour, was an island inhabitant, was allergic to fairy dust and really hates Poke’mon kids. Next in Busta Rap, Ian┬áhad to finish the rap with Jamie! Moving to Freeze Tag where Josh had trouble churning butter, lots of testing items and you are only allowed to go to school if you are dying. Finally, we finished with Curtain Call and sung to all of our audience members.

And scene!