Finishing the night with our Late Night show with our cast Erich, Meredith, Josh, Emily, Audrey and Ian. We also have our FAM Dan, who plays a lot of Destiny 2 on PlayStation, wants to be in business and run the Honey Nut Cheerios ad company and replace the Bee with a Bear. In our first game, Growing & Shrinking Machine, we had big fish, little fish and way over par!

Next up in Serious Scene, miniature golf took on a whole new meaning. Then in Guidance Counselor Meredith helped with parental divorce, concussions and helped fix the Septic System Plumbing at McDonald’s.  Now it’s the Dating Game where Erich had to guess between a pair of gloves, Justin Beber and Plymouth Rock. Then in Two-Headed Monster, we found the bean… but we need more! Next up is World’s Worst, with a pocket knife that was just pockets, pizza topped with beans, and screwdriver from Ikea. Moving on to Tableau where The Less Than Chocolate Factory, A wet Plymouth Rock and A Galaxy not so far away. Finally in Sing It, we saw the Coffee Beans as a snack at Target.

And scene!