BYOI is at the Warwick Mall today for our first of two shows! We are here with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself and our FAM David! David has a brother, wants a pretzel and will be Scream for Halloween. For our first game, Pillars, I was tied up in a yoga pretzel and had the comfort of my Teddy Bear Bill.

Next up was Trolley Stop where we visited Seekank and zombies needed condiments with their brains. Highlander found me unwinding a Mummy to blow my nose and attacking a vampire with a bat. Barbara won Busta Rap and then we had a fashion killing robot and a third-grade marriage proposal. Action Figures saw a Trick or Treat go wrong and we finished with Sing It at the “Desert” shop with ice cream and sand.

One more show coming up at 3pm. See you then!

And scene!