We had a spooky family friendly show with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Meredith, Erich and Audrey at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Juan, who is a high schooler and part of the Youth Collective. His social studies teacher likes to critique everything and starts the day. Juan’s grandma is staying with him and makes the purest chicken. Scary FAM Day in the Life had fresh Juan, floating grandma, and the biggest little dog.

Monster Trolley Stop had the relection in the mirror, Cookie Monster, Bob Barker, a werewolf, and a talking mime. Two Headed Monster had a mattress store employee who was ripping the tags off the merchandise. He was the worst employee ever. Chainsaw was crazy, with an adorable little child princess in Juan’s wardrobe, with a jack-o-twinkie. The cast and audience volunteers veered way off, thinking it was a beauty pageant queen or lounge singer at the closet or shoe store, with an iPhone or can of Spaghetti-O’s. Horror Movie Catch Phrase had Jonathan, Audrey and audience member Adam wondering what was behind that door and if Adam was alive.

Famous Last Words had the end of a can opener, Oscar the Grouch and a fireman. Helping Hands had Ian and Erich helped by Alan and audience member Karen. They were seniors getting early dinner. It had slimey butter, stolen rolls and free mints. Curtain Call recapped the show in song, especially how great our FAM Juan is!

And scene!