We’re back for a very special show with Daniel, Meredith, Ian, Erich, Jonathan and Audrey! Our ONE THOUSANDTH FAM was…John! John is a supervisor in IT, and he loves harassing Erich at work. He’d like to visit Easter Island, and he came to the show with his family. FAM Greatest Hits had a metal song about the Easter Island statues, a country song about being in IT, and a blues song about hardened arteries.

Try That On For Size started off with dodgeball, abstract art, difficult tupperware, Shakespeare thumb biting, and unicorns! Pillars had the window to Daniel’s soul and dumb pigs. Up next was Chainsaw, with a stripping fireman at the basement of a flamingo farm with a solar powered pogo stick. Not Britney Spears at pigeon coup with a jackhammer. However, Audrey was a superstar and figured out the object!

Alphabet took place in church with a bunch of different names for the devil. We also learned that xylophones were invented by Jesus. Hallelujah! This was followed by Word’s Worst! We learned about the worst nurse, locksmith, smurf, mad scientist, pumpkin, and stress ball. The night ended with Highlander, where the cast did a scene about brainwashing the IT guy. In the end, Daniel had to perform all 4 times. He closed out the show with the super news that our old friend Alan is coming back to the BYOI cast! Yay!

And scene!