BYOI is once again at the Rhode Island Theatre Conference and having a blast. We are here with Erich, Barbara, Emily, Myself and our 1001st FAM Abram from Cumberland High School. Abram likes Legally Blonde the Musical, works at Domino’s and likes toffee. We started off with Sing It at his job where fairy¬†fluor dust in the eyes can make anyone like that pizza.

Next up was Pillars where a Mom and her son were scared the house owner might through more Sugar Daddies at them. Timmy in the Well had Morgan Freeman, slipping in the desert and Freeze Tag had witches luring kids into traps with candy. Debate Club taught us that Trunks are for bodies and that there is no flour in pizza. Finally, in Highlander, I was forced to deal with my bleach blonde hair.

Thanks once again to RITEC for having us.

And scene!