Happy November! We started off the month with Meredith, David, Jonathan, Josh, Barbara and Ian at the Warwick Center For the Arts. Our FAM was Katherine, who is a freshman in high school in Providence. She likes forensics class and would like to visit Australia. The cast then serenaded Katherine in FAM Welcome Song.

Trolley Stop started off the show with marathon Chipotle eaters, toddlers and detectives, among other fun characters. Alphabet had a bad singer, sassy royals, and a child demanding a trip to Disney World. Timmy In the Well had Jonathan trying to help Oprah after she got stuck in quicksand in Anarctica.

Guidance Counselor was a bunch of fun, with Meredith giving advice. Ian lost his lunch at the circus, Barbara really wanted a human litter box, and Josh dyed his chest hair blue. Spelling Bee taught about the best most favorite meal, lunch! The cast was joined by youth collective member Juan, where they also spelled and defined words like paparazzi, ostentatious, and some hard German word Ian came up with. Growing and Shrinking had Meredith in peril, fencing, and a symphony. The cast finished up the show with Curtain Call, where they recapped the show in song.

And scene!