We bid adieu to our friend Meredith tonight! Thankfully, we had Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Barbara and David on stage with her. Our FAM, of course, was Meredith! She’s from New Hampshire, and joined BYOI a very long time ago. She’s not a fan of squirrels, but loves owls and their unmoving eyes. Meredith is going on to be a teacher and start working on her master’s degree.¬†FAM Greatest Hits had songs about spunkety spunk, too much ice cream, and horrible Ohio! There was a surprise appearance by Candice in The Quickest Minute, as she performed an increasingly manic “Frozen” with David and Barbara. Next was Sing It, with the creepy friend who couldn’t find love but had crazy adventures at school. Chainsaw had a goat milker at the DMV with a chinchilla! Almost everyone, including Candice and audience member Kate, thought the chinchilla was a kitten.

Two Headed Monster had Meredith and Ian slowly licking a Tootsie Pop, much to the chagrin of Josh. Thankfully, it had two mouths, so it could maybe go faster. Because I Said So taught baby Meredith about the scary economy, making puppies and kittens get along, and why mom is cute. This was followed by Serious Scene, with squirrelly squirrels! Hooray!