Here we are at the Izzy Room tonight with Audrey, Alan, and myself. Our Fam tonight was Dante and his grandmother Cathy. He loves giraffes and strawberry ice cream.  Cathy’s favorite book to read is the Bible and she loves monkeys. We started with Fam Sing It. A trip to the zoo led to underwater meercats and the fact that they were far happier in a water tank than in a hole in the ground. Action Figures had Alan and Audrey making and fixing shoes in a cobbler’s shop. Alan was arrested for stealing strawberry’s from a farm in Las Vegas with the help of Elmo during Good Cop/Bad Cop. All of the cast along with several volunteers took part in Questions, Only starting at a pizza shop. We closed with Try that on for size with a number of volunteers helping the cast trip the lawn among other tasks.
And Scene.