Luke, Rose, Aidan and Juan took the stage for a fun Youth Collective show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Juan’s dad, Juan Carlos! He works all the hours selling cars, so he likes sleep. He loves his family and likes watching “Friends” when he’s not at work.

Growing and Shrinking had a visit to the Paris and Aidan’s flaky friends, before we moved on to a mystery! Timmy In the Well had Oprah fall off the Eiffel Tower on a movie set. Thankfully Rose’s helpful dogs were able to tell her. Spelling Bee had the kids spell Bob, Squidward, Krusty Krab, and vaccuum!

Alphabet had Luke channelling his inner Yoda, and Monopoly was fun until the 10,000th play. Highlander capped off the Youth Collective show, where the coffee was fast, the Poptarts were slow, and no one knew. Luke’s plans to get eliminated backfired, and he ended up in all 4 scenes.

And scene!