We had a great family friendly show with Amy, Erich, Ian and Emily at the Warwick Center For the Arts. Our FAM was Ieeshia! She works in IT and is going to school for business management. She has a daughter, and if she had breaks, she’d like to watch shows that would let her escape into someone else’s drama. Amy played Ieesha in FAM Day in the Life, where she had the good coffee and should have worn fluffier slippers for unexpected company.

Trolley Stop started off the night, where we met arachnophobics, knights, and crepe sellers. ┬áSay It Again had Ian, Erich and audience member Carolyn visiting the American zone in France. Up next, Amy had friends over in Party Quirks. Emily was a cow who produced all flavors of milk, Ian was a grandma being chased by wolves, and audience member Aidan was Hannah Montana, but she couldn’t stop referencing “The Lion King.”

Lines From a Cup had artistic critters, a battle between robots and squirrels, and audience member Juan professing his love. This was followed by Famous Last Words, with the end of donuts, candlestick makers, and Nokia phones. Growing and Shrinking Machine had a computer manual in Braille, shared cake, and ear wax. The show ended with Highlander, with the tale of the neighborhood radishes in hoodies. Erich ended up performing it all!

And scene!