We had another great late night show with Ian, Emily, Amy and Erich at the Warwick Museum of Art. Our FAM was Hayden, who came down from Maine and works for a grocery store. He has all the animals: goats, chickens, guinea pigs, and others. FAM Revolver had chemistry nerds on a date, mom was worshipped, and there were bees.

Sports Commentator had Amy and Emily as competitive rakers. Very appropriate for the season! Meanwhile needed less styrofoamy chicken, and Taco Bell with extra Dorito seasoning. In Excuses, Excuses, Ian was late for work! As Erich interrogated him, he learned he dropped his baby, a spaceship landed on his house, and “Jumanji” became real.

Alphabet had forbidden romance through math, pirates divvying up treasure, and the language of Wookies. Blank Walks Into a Bar was next, where homework, cats, and Big Bird showed up. Bar: That begins with B! Try That On For Size then had free pamphlets, 400 page essays, and screaming kids. The cold night ended with Debate Club! We debated things like childbirth and the length of Rhode Island.