The Youth Collective had a great show with Luke, Juan, Emmie and Rose Our FAM was Paul! He came to the show with his fantastic wife Kelly. If he were on a desert island, he’d want cattle and a pot to eat, as well as a light saber for protection. Very practical!

Growing and Shrinking Machine started off the show. There was a stirring the pot competition and it was time to eat a leg. Rose then had Luke and Emmie over in Party Quirks. Emmie was an alien from Italy, and Juan was a pot that had all the flavors. Up next, we learned the Famous Last Words of milk, an alien, a strawberry, and a light saber. Say It Again was next, with Luke on the bell. Snuffleupagus was the Pope and a dog did tricks. The final game was Highlander! It had a classical family with flowing dresses and beautiful portraits. Luke and Juan were the first ones eliminated, so Emmie and Rose made it to the finals. Emmie ended up playing the game alone in the end.

And scene!