We had a fun family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, David, Amy, Jonathan and Amy! Our FAM was Ingrid who’s a pricing analyst. She loves mac and cheese and crocheting. She came to the show with her husband Mike, who she met through a friend. FAM Greatest Hits had the songs about pie, making yarn, Liverwurst, and Ingrid and Mike’s love story. Try That On For Size had wallpaper tasting, cat washing, bongo playing, and a beef between Daniel and Jonathan. Short Cutz had a picky customer at the burger place, competitive snail racing and its resulting funeral, and an awkward family trip.

Pavlovian Response had Amy as a matchmaker. Jonathan tapped his shoes a bunch, Amy facepalmed, and audience member Sarah though everything was lit. Up next was Pillars, where David talked too much. Love was a big inflatable wobbly thing, and stepping on the gas made it more velociraptor. Post It had strange combinations like flying saucer & mall cop, medical doctor & Italy, table & nape of the neck, stenographer & fire fighter, and New York subway & Alabama. Helping Hands had the guys doing a girl’s hair. It included lots of mousse, burning hair dye and curling. The show ended with Irish Ditty, with the cast recapping in song.

And scene!