Here we are at the 9pm tonight with Amy, Jonathan, Emily and Jonathan with our FAM Matt! Matt is a student at URI who is majoring in engineering, likes island food and loves a good macadamia nut cookie. In our first game of FAM Remake Matt was really into making flat waves and masticating tacos.

So we move on to Tableau where Glad became generic and Target has too many people in the isles. In Movie Critics, we learned that the French don’t care about switching bodies and pleasing fathers. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Amy unsound proofed the soundproof room at the Ice Cream Parlor with Bob Ross. We have Catch Phrase where the art cannot be sharpened because it is s%#t! ┬áIn Busta Rap Jim finished up rhyming with him. Next in What Are You Doing we had caffeinated dinner and difficult oral surgery. And finally in Debate Club where good cookies are made with Aquanet.

And scene!