We had a great family friendly show to close out our 10th season with Ally, Erich, Alan, Emily, Daniel and Audrey! Our FAM was Paula, who is a Dean of Residential Life at a boarding school. She loves her family, skiing in Colorado, and cheese! FAM Sing It had smelly, heavy cheese at the gym, and the only two students in the school were expelled. We learned that pizza is just a delivery system to bring cheese to your mouth!

Trolley Stop had the kings of everything, sleepy cuddlers, puppy movers, and an elevator. Catch Phrase had Emily stressing how delicious was, while audience member Jessi just wanted to make cookies. Daniel had his hands full with them, as they introduced sponsors and requested a dog-car. Erich then had friends over in Party Quirks! Ally was a creme brule whoopie pie, Audrey was obsessed with Quidditch, and auidence member Paul had just climed a mountain.

Questions asked when Erich was small, there was a tunnel to the present box, audience member Ari had the biggest cat bed, and Alan and Ally wondered if we were all just turtles. Because I Said So was next, with cherries in the garden, dangerous spikes, monkeys and bananas, and there was a Audrey dropped some science knowledge. Erich was going pretty strong, until he had an epic rapid fire battle with Ally! We followed that up with Action Figures, where Alan and Emily attempted to decorate the house for Christimas while communicating through walkie-talkie. The game ended with Debate Club, with students, non-students, old Erich, everything vs. anything, young Emily, invisible Gatorade, scared Alan, and the clearance rack.

And scene!