We ended our 10th season with a high energy show with Daniel, Erich, Emily, Alan, Ally, Audrey, and occasional appearances by David! Since it was her last show, our FAM was Ally! She’s loving her time at Harvard, and runs during her free time. Ally loves her parents and her brother, Chris, and lasted a whole day playing basketball. FAM┬áDay in the Life took place at a track meet, with the bad coach, Ally’s family and best friend, and hopes of meeting Kristin Wiig.

Daniel and Emily fought about a new boyfriend and needed a epipen in Helping Hands. The Quickest Minute had a black and white version of “Miracle On 34th Street” with took place in Providence on 42nd St, starring Christopher Walken. Chainsaw then had a window washing electrician at Harvard with a seesaw, but it somehow turned into a martial arts expert at a pizza place or wake with a stationary bike.

Lines From a Cup had pancakes, an annoying daughter, a bridge blocking marathon, and a college student was a gluten filled GMO. Busta Rap was a blast, with Ally almost making it to the end, before being bested by Erich. We then jumped over to Follow That Action, with rogue crustaceans, one celled organisms, and Ursula the Sea Witch. The season ended with Ally’s favorite game, Debate Club! Feminism, Ghostbusters, and killing Erich’s childhood.

And scene!