We’re back to start off season 11 of Bring Your Improv ¬†with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Erich and Audrey!

Our FAM was Jessica, who is celebrating her 17th birthday! She enjoyed Chinese food for her birthday, and works at the state’s favorite place, Dunkin’ Donuts. She loves reading Harry Potter and Stephen King books, and would be an avid gamer if she could find the motivation to turn on her PS4. She came to the show with her friends, who she described as hyper, geeky and adorable. FAM Day In the Life had a Hamilton-themed musical Harry Potter, lazy texting, and adorable friends.

What Are You Doing started off the show! We met people who were having their destiny for dinner, practicing Wingardium Leviosa, and make cake and pie! Lines From a Cup had a cat with a light and a dark side, everything was made of stars, and Jonathan’s tongue had a lot of bacteria. Up next was Press Conference, where Erich was Father Time, and he earned the gold medal in snowboarding.

Sing It had Stephen King on Broadway! There were dragons, but they weren’t for petting. Only the nice people could stand. Quick Scenes was fun, with a rock instead of chalk, Jedi training with silent Yoda, and a princess in Tupperware. This was followed by Highlander! The game took place where a kid could lift himself up, and oil made the floor slippery. In the end, it came down to Jonathan and audience member Carolyn, with Carolyn eliminated. The show ended with Busta Rap! The cast and audience members rapped along with cat, snow, singing, and hippopotamus. Jonathan beat Ian in the end!

And scene!