Welcome back to the late night show with Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, Audrey, and Daniel!Our FAM was Liz! She’s a product designer of wacky home goods & toys, and children’s illustrator. She likes to volunteer at the theater and collects things like rubber headed puppets. The cast serenaded Liz, now only referred to as Audrey’s Mom in FAM Do Run.

Try That On For Size had kid claiming, tough kites, back hair brushing, and dice throwing. Meanwhile had an awkward wedding, inaccurate accents, and a desserted bar–with desserts, get it? Timmy In the Well had Daniel trying to figure out that Thomas Edison’s spaceship wouldn’t start under a sink at a carnival.

Two Headed Monster had an affordable steal from the Netherlands! It was an aluminum bucket welded by penguins. Rope was next, with fried Cheetos, heavy cereal, skating, and strange golfing. The Quickest Minute taught us the difference between a dam and a dike, depending on where you were. The remakes became more and more frantic, as they were 30, 15 and 5 seconds long. The night ended with Curtain Call, as the cast recapped the show in song.

And scene!