It was a dark and stormy night for our 7pm Family Friendly show featured Daniel, David, Alan, Josh, Barbara and Erich. Our Fam was Luke, who is studying film and loves dinosaurs and chocolate. He would like to buy a penguin or Michael Jackson’s Thriller on vinyl.

We started off the evening with a song about Luke! Daniel and Josh were Action Figures. The lion lost his mane, Daniel had an electric experience, and Josh got ahead of the game.

During “Meanwhile”, Larry the penguin posed as a person to eat all the fish heads. New and bright waters contained all the happy penguins whose SAG contracts were violated, so they went on strike. Timmy in the Well had David guessing that Lassie got lost in space. During Typewriter, Daniel wrote a story called Da Francis Da, a dark and stormy night brought Da to the grocery store, where he bonded with his newfound love over potato chips. Francis was defrosted mysteriously and the produce had a horrifying sale on birthday kale. Rope featured voguing cats, clearing traffic, using English degrees and catching frogs. Quickest minute had nuclear waste causing mutating genius stegasaurs who learned how to knock on doors. We wrapped up the show with another song!

And Scene!!!