Our late night show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Daniel, Josh, Barbara, Erich, Alan and David. Our FAM was Amanda. She is a cashier at a small grocery store and is finishing high school. She came with Anna and Delaney, and chocolate cake is her favorite dessert. If she had a superpower, she would be super speedy like the Flash.

Greatest Hits brought us such classic hits as “The Flash” and “Tom’s Market”. What are You Doing required our cast and volunteers to anger giants, hunt for leprechauns, make pancakes, and stop a helicopter. During First Line, Last line, the queen’s longevity was affected by six-inch heels. Josh was blinded by the beauty, and nobody wanted to let go. Chainsaw turned a helpful clown in Hawaii with Drano into a clown car driver at a rave with a cat. Alphabet introduced Bacon covered cakes and boats by the shore. The first date had stringy zebra yeti.

Slogans pitched us surgeons, crockpots, cashiers and Drano. Serious Scene had us panning for gold in California. It was a crapshoot at best. Our final game was Debate Club, where we argued the merits of chocolate.

And Scene!!!