We’re back for our late night show! This time we had Daniel, Audrey, Erich and Barbara. Our FAM should have been Jonathan, but he trolled us and threw yours truly in the FAM cup. We learned about my cats Nibbles and Stormageddon, my day job, and what would win in a fight: a wand or a sonic screwdriver. FAM Growing and Shrinking with a cat hair wand, board games with a 2 sized die and a tortured call center worker.

Cuddles was stuck in the ceiling in Action Figures, and he may have brought raccoon friends and built a second floor on the house. Questions was next, with floor pancakes, bowling in the chess alley, it was all a dream. The Dating Game had Barbara looking for love, as Audrey was $1,000,000, Paul was Madonna and Daniel was Six Flags.

Catch Phrase had Erich in charge of Barbara and audience member Paul at Hogwarts. They were learning to turn dogs different colors, and were concerned about jumping on the table, eating Ajax and a tuition scam. Spelling Bee was next, with hard words like  around (going circularly straight circumnavigating around the circle!), sparse, horrible, despicable, and atrocious. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy had a family trip to Sonic with 87 milkshakes and constitutional tater tots. The night ended with Curtain Call, as the cast recapped the show in song.

And scene!