Our 7pm Family Friendly show featured Alan, Josh, Jonathan, David and Ian, along with a special appearance by former cast member┬áKrissy! Our FAM was Cam, a student and budding Marine Biologist who loves musicals like Hamilton and to eat fried seafood. We kicked off the night with a FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine, with Piping Plovers, Hamilton footing the bill, and the forgotten exploits of an American in an overpriced┬áBoulangerie. Sit, Stand and Lie Down was about Good Will Hunting…for thrift store bargains. The roommates didn’t share, the budget was tight, and the furniture from the side of the road was not enough. Questions started with the escapades of the dropped chocolate cake, investigated landscaping and horticulture, Star Wars popped up, and then we had a spot of tea in Paris with Superman.

In the Dating Game, Jonathan had to guess that Josh was turning into a lobster, Rose was Mighty Mouse and David was Connecticut. Catch Phrase brought us to a botanical garden. We had a spelling bee next and conquered such words as man, mouse, and caterpillar, and we almost spelled quinoa and quiche correctly, but we butchered mitochondria. Fortunately, Unfortunately, told the story of Humpty Dumpty and the super glue that stuck him together with Little Bo Peep. Little Red Riding Hood got a package of pizza from the wolf! We wrapped up the night with a song for our FAM Cam!

And scene!