Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts starred Alan, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, David, and guest starred Krissy. Our FAM was Jen, who is celebrating her birthday with us! She likes chocolate and Italian food. Last year she had a go-carting party, and she would like to visit Australia and visit kangaroos. We saluted our FAM with a special edition of First Line, Last Line. A pop-up map and bricks kept the teenagers off the lawn But it attracted all the other teenagers. Sports Commentator brought us the Kitty Litter Box Changing Championships with Bob and Sven. During Remake, Tinkerbell gave Wendy Pixie Dust but she was a double agent. It was remade as a Man-Vs-Nature Survival How, a Musical Horror and a Kung-Fu Soap Opera.

At the Everything Emporium, Krissy had to guess that her customers wanted a Go-Kart that cooks hot dogs, an asparagus night light and ravioli that makes your hands flail wildly. Centerpiece had cast member Ian in the center of revolving scenes about pilots, adding by threes, flat-Earthers and baby in the corner. Story Story Die brought us the story of a universe of Chocolate with candied chocolate people. The alligator plotted, the doughboy wore a strange cap, and the kit kat bar was a master weapon. Follow that Action brought us to the Australian Outback, and we wrapped up the show with a song for our FAM Jen!

And Scene!!!