It’s Barbara, Alan, Emily and Myself out in Chepachet, RI for Gary’s 50th birthday party! Gary loves to plow snow, hit up auctions and has a great love to go out on the lake with his daughter. We began the night with a game of FAM Pillar where Gary brought fresh tuna to the lake for his daughter to catch.

Next, in Alphabet, we saw lactose intolerant mythical creatures. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Barbara used the not-a-restroom on the 9th hole of a golf course with Buggs Bunny. Then in Action Figures, Alan got a scalpel in his head and my patient was heavily knocked out. Because I Said So allowed me to learn that I was adopted, Dad is in a well-built dog house and Gary’s friends know him well. Finally, we sang the night away with Curtain Call. Thanks to Gary and his friends and family for having us out!

And scene!