The Youth Collective had their first show of 2018 with Rose, Gussy, Jeffrey, Sydni, Aidan and Rob! Our FAM was Karen! She works for a storage company and her favorite color is the color of her son’s eyes. The kids played Sit, Stand and Lie Down, where they brought a hose with donuts. Up next, Rose was looking for love in the Dating Game. She had to choose between a shovel, a waitress, and a dinosaur. It was fun!

Spelling Bee had the kids spelling and defining words like door (a wooden plank), park (grass is everywhere in the park and in the place), merury, and diaphragm. The dog was missing again, and the house disappeared in Vegas in Questions. Finally, we played Fortunately/Unfortunately! We learned the new story of Rapunzel, her extensions, Monopoly alimony, and a shark fight!

And scene!