We had a great family friendly show with Daniel, Erich, Josh, Emily, Audrey, and Alessandra! Our FAM was Millie! She has sisters, and she loves cosplay. She was one of the characters from Jem and the Holograms for the last Comic Con, and she is a proud My Little Pony collector. She’d like to move somewhere without pollen, and a fun animal combination for her is a chihuaua/unicorn. FAM Six Pack had an executive chef for the local buffet, a globby gem, and a tuna hat.

Sports Commentator started off the show, with Emily and audience member Sue in a crazy tooth brushing competition with a surprising amount of sabotage. Remake had a dad finding out about all of his daughter’s crushes. The historical sci-fi version made the crushes our country’s founding fathers, before moving into the western fantasy version. Everything Emporium followed that, where Alessandra was helping her customers looking for crazy things. Josh needed vacuuming Easter eggs, Daniel needed a forgetful whale, and audience member Juan was looking for worry.

Centerpiece had it all there in black and blue and chalk signing. Up next was Story, Story, Die! Fairy tales were mixed up, the witch’s phone kept ringing, and a new house was built. The second to last game was Freeze Tag! We met a pirate with a peg leg, fingernails that were on fire, and Daniel had all the emotions. The show ended with a musical recap with Closing Song!

And scene!