We had a blast with The late night show was super lively with Audrey, Erich, Emily, Daniel, Josh and Alessandra. Our FAM was Kristen, who was here to support our auditioner! She owns a doggie day care, and her favorite dog is a chiweenie, which I didn’t know was a dog until now! Google it. It’s adorable. She came to the show with her mortician husband, and they like going to tropical beaches. FAM Movie Critics had the dogs turn into pinatas, a meet cute, and stolen drinks.

Tableau started off with a Jamaican cafeteria, the beach, and the doggie daycare. Audrey wanted to get off the island in Revolver, before Erich was late for work in Excuses, Excuses! His car’s brakes were cut, then he was stuck behind a Memorial Day parade, and finally, someone stole his spleen.

Guidance Counselor was great! Audrey learned how to plagiarize, Daniel figured out how to erect things, and Alessandra really loved birds. World’s Worst then had the worst taxi driver, doggie day care, and Bermuda. This was followed by Fortunately, Unfortunately in the restroom with a radioactive pink bodysuit. The final game of the night was Highlander, with all the folding, a Worker’s Comp claim, and “my uterus!!”

And scene!