Our Youth Collective show at 6pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a blast, with Rob, Rose, Aidan, Gussy and Jeffrey! Our FAM was Domenic who would love to vacation in Florida to see his Granddad. We started off with a game of Sports Commentator, where we watched some fierce competition during the National Dog Walking Championships. Everything Emporium made Rose have to guess that her customers wanted a basketball that only works in the mud, a TV that rakes the leaves and a crop top with a rainbow on it. Story, Story Die was the story of Mary Poppins and the buttery popcorn that looked like teeth. She threw a tantrum in the aisle, and ran out of time.

Centerpiece had Aidan in three scenes, featuring Alabama, Plumbers and Food. Walls can talk, we weren’t convinced that the farm life was right for us, and there was far too much food! We finished up with a game of freeze tag. Coffee got all over the carpet, stretching is good before lifting and aging is relative.

And Scene!