Our 7pm Family Friendly Show was a barrel of laughs with Jonathan, David, Audrey, Alan, Amy and special guest Tim. Our FAM was Aidan, a youth collective member who is a high school senior. She was here with her family and would be chocolate covered Oreos if she was dessert. We started off with a game of movie critics, with the very accurate biopic of our FAM’s life, Chocolate Covered Oreo Facemasks. Fish were counted and categorized. The giant crab met the eradicator and lunch was had by all. Tableau was next, with scenes of enticing kitchen messes, pressure in the depths of the sea, monsters in the closet, unquiet church mice, and candy-coated jail.

Revolver brought us on a safari, the constant shock of unruly teens, almond butter rolls and valentine carding. Excuses, Excuses had special guest auditioner Tim┬áhave to guess that he was late because a snow plow hit his car, he slipped on a pickle and was abducted by aliens. In our game of Guidance Counselor, Audrey had to help Tim, who does not have a pencil, our teacher David who is having taffy trouble with students who don’t do homework, and the custodian who cannot get the Ac to work. We played World’s Worst next, and discovered the worst grilled cheese store, can of gasoline, homework and cat scan. The good, the bad and the ugly gave us advice abou bullies stealing lunch money, fear of small spaces, navigating rotaries, and how to cope with a broken hand. We finished off the show with a game of Highlander, won by our auditioner Tim.

And Scene!