For our 9pm show at Warwick Center for the Arts, our cast consisted of Audrey, David, Jonathan, Alan, Amy and auditioner Tim.  We had a great time with our FAM Audrey who is a CNA who wants to someday become a pediatric nurse. She has two kids named Wendy and Michael, but not named after Peter Pan characters.

We started the night off with a game of FAM revolver, with dubious baking tips, incompetent scoutmasters, spice girl launching. And the laziest surgeons in the world. We played Trolley Stop and met sneaky cheaters, clueless commandos, sock Santas and noir adjustments. Say it Again brought us to Tie Land where the sale was not complete without remembering to floss the antlers. Good Cop Bad Cop had Audrey have to guess that she burned the toast of the Truest Believer in Neverland with Ronald McDonald. We played First Line, Last Line after that. Scenes involved Yellow, Dick Van Dyke, and footwear. Back in My Day brought us to a time before iPads, Disney Land, quinoa, beaches, and fidget spinners.  Freeze tag had renegade Winnebagos, tetanus shaving, and heavy zucchini. We ended the show with a song for our FAM Danielle!

And Scene!!!