Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! We had a fun family friendly show with Jonathan, Emily, Daniel, Audrey, Barbara, and auditioner James. Our FAM was David, who is in charge of an office with the Department of Education. He plays the drums in a band, and came to the show with his kind, patient and friendly family. One of his children is in from Germany which is exciting! FAM Revolver needed a lot more steak, and Audrey kept going out of spite.

Trolley Stop had cat police fugitives, loud talkers, popular girls, and enthusiastic farmers. Say It Again had bugle lessons, a revolution, and a need for a drummer. In honor of Valentine’s Day, James was looking for love in the Dating Game! Emily was volcano cake, Daniel had dancing fingers, and audience member Sydni was an intern who could change her hair color at will.

Last Line, First Line had a long hike to the mall at the top of a mountain, passport photos that were great because lying down causes no wrinkles, and lovely ideas! Back In My Day, they didn’t have interns, toothpicks, frozen food, friends, or Uber drivers. This was followed by Growing & Shrinking, with gentlemen chickens, a chaotic football game, ¬†and all the pigs trying to blow down the house. The show ended with Irish Ditty, as the cast sang about our FAM David!

And scene!