We had another great Valentine’s Day show with Emily, Jonathan, Audrey, Daniel,┬áBarbara, and auditioner James! Our FAM was Tarek, who is a high school student. He likes art and animated movies, and made friends at tonight’s shows! The cast then serenaded Tarek with the FAM Welcome Song.

The first game was Try That On For Size, with nose picking, found quarters, and cotton candy making! Short Cuts had so many castles but no princess, and Mushroom Tinder. Whoa whoa whoa. The Dating Game was next, where Emily was a fencer, Jonathan was a yo-yo, and our audience member was a taxidermist.

Lines From a Cup had disgruntled Olive Garden employees and social services, as well as very bad pickup lines. This was followed by Because I Said So! Audrey played the inquisitive child learning about breadsticks, wet feeling water, pollution, and trees that reach. In Good, Bad & Ugly, we learned about how to get a date, what to do about food stuck in your teeth, and how to recover from flatulence. The final game of the night was Sing It! We learned an important lesson about paying attention in math class so you can do your taxes when you’re older.

And scene!