We had a fun night with David, Daniel, Ian, Josh and Amy at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Owen, who’s in the 4th grade! He likes lunch, soccer and hanging out with his friends. In FAM Remake, Owen’s Meme and Pepe left the cousins at home and brought just him to Disney World. He needed to see Mickey in Cleveland, wasn’t tall enough for the roller coaster, and enjoyed the day by himself. The first remake brought Owen to Antarctica, where he helped a penguin pick up snowballs. Finally, he was brought to school during lunch, where he was only tall enough for bread.

The first game of the show was Try That On For Size, they chowed down on popcorn, decided to become one with the Earth, and waited in line. Lines From a Cup took place at a bakery competition, where Joan’s brownies made everyone skinny. Next up was Good Cop, Bad Cop, where Daniel was caught paying attcntion to his homework in Hawaii with Barney the Dinosaur.

Short Cuts was next, where it was faster to make airplanes without wings, everyone learned to do the Limbo, and chinchillas were able to become invisible! Amy was then the child in Because I Said So, where we learned about chinchillas, calcium, and chicken! From there, we moved on to Helping Hands, where we learned the rules of soccer, and the guys had a sword fight with their fingers. The final game was Say It Again! The family trip to Hawaii had no coffee, TV was complicated, and everything would be faster by jumping.

And scene!