We had another fun late night show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, Amy, Josh, Ian and David. Our FAM was Megan! She cleans houses and loves Shakespeare. She tries to take her cat for a walk, and came to the show with her friend Sydni. In FAM Day In the Life, the cat was better than the highstrung dog, Megan was late for Shakespeare class, and the phone kept ringing.

The first game of the night was What Are You Doing, with the theater in a bathtub, elephant trunks, beehive removal, and the age old question: theater or theatre? Sing It followed this, with songs about a gurney for two and a distracting lady. Interrogation Lineup had the horrible crime of a bad hair cut in Far Far Away with King Claudius.

Meanwhile needed all children to be infected with unicorns, coffee was fatal, and Jerry and Jerry needed a ride. Blank Walks Into a Bar had bad puns about razors, keyboards, and brooms. We then jumped to Growing and Shrinking, with conjoined twins, things wobbled to and fro, and Shakespeare was miscast. The night ended with Busta Rap! The battle came down to Josh and audience member Maddie, with Josh as the victor.

And scene!