It is 6pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for the students in our Youth Collective to shine! On cast were Juan, Carolyn and Carlena. Our FAM was Karen, who likes hampsters, pigeons and horses, has been to France and is learning a lot about Improv.

We started the show by playing Try That on for Size. We had jumping inflatable birds, dancing and swimming while pounding tables, and reading while closing containers and separating things. Good Cop, Bad Cop made Juan have to guess that he stole food from the library with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Because I Said So placed the youth as Emily’s parents answering such questions as “Why do people speak French?”, “Why do taste buds light up?” And “Why do monsters like to scare people?”

Short Cutz started with English History with a French Accent, brought us to scary camel highway rides, the camel DMV, and used camel salesmen. Charlotte the camel blocked the intersection, the salesman had anger issues and Carolyn just wanted him to stop a minute! We ended the show with Say it Again. Fluffusy the pidgeon hampster was discovered at the local dump and almost rescued by lazy students.

And Scene!!