It is 7pm at The Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Improv Comedy Show with Amy, Josh, Jonathan, David, Ian and Emily. Our FAM was Gary the snowplow driver. He came here with his wife Stacey and his daughter,¬†youth collective member Carlina. He is a Pats fan who likes to buy things at auctions. We started the show with a game of Sing It! Josh was plowing the fields in the snow but two dollars didn’t buy a jacket. Jonathan could have used the truck but it didn’t buy coffee. Our next game was What are You Doing? In case you wondered, we were solving plumbing problems, surfing the internet, applying makeup, fishing, dancing and painting a masterpiece, and staging Clash of the Titans the musical. Meanwhile, during our next game, glass tire patches were crunchy, special resting spots were utilized, Fred stood in front of the air conditioner, and Emily picked “C” on the True/False exam. Interrogation Lineup had our cast and volunteers guessing that they painted mustaches on animal crackers on a carousel with Taylor Swift.

Two Headed Monster brought us to the hospital for testing. Amy had buttercream running through her veins and a serious donut craving, but her brows were on fleek. What a salty cookie! Busta Rap was next, with phat rhymes about fun, shade, cake and our FAM Gary. Highlander had Horseback Curling perfection. The jockey was ready, the shoes were checked and we think she’s good! We capped off the show with a song for our FAM

And Scene!!!