Our Late Night Improv Comedy Show at 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts starred Amy, Jonathan, Emily, Ian, David and Josh. Our FAM was Nate, a musician who also works with animals. He came to the show with his girlfriend Meg. His favorite band is Tame Impala, his dream vacation spot is Peru, and he used to go to San Diego Llama parades as a child.

We kicked off the show with an Irish Ditty about our FAM. Action Figures was next. David and Jonathan set up the music festival. The amps were on the right, we forgot how walking works and played air guitar backward. During Typewriter, Joshua wrote a story about the Impalas, a band who squashed the Beatles. The herd was heard, the hula was popped and a fight broke out with spears made of unicorn horns. For Madam Zelda, Amy had to guess that David was going to lose his wallet, be abducted by aliens from his garage and his hair was going to grow back uncontrollably.

We played Pillars! It was a wildlife, at the stakeout. French fries were as good as gold, someone should teach the button and safety pins muffler the noise. White picket fences pomegranate to quicksand! During Debate Club our cast and volunteers debated the merits of owning dogs, playing with dolls, Chicago style hot dogs, and fractionize is not a word. The Quickest Minute featured The Lord of The Rings. You shall not pass, Mr. Frodo. We ended the show with a Curtain Call.

And Scene!!!