We finished the night off strong with Audrey, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Daniel and Amy! Our FAM was Lisa who is a retail shoe manager. She told us about a highend running shoe. She’s into hunting deer and reading, and would like to visit Australia someday. The cast then serenaded Lisa in FAM Do Run!

Follow That Action had Ian encounter a some bears in the woods while searching for the Witch Tree. Catch Phrase took us to Central Falls, where the guys were honest and had to leave. Marriage Counselor had Josh and audience member Jacob having trouble. Ian had to figure out that Josh kept leaving the toilet seat up, Jacob couldn’t stop farting in bed, and together, they were addicted to methane.

Questions had cheesy jokes, a locker filled with tacks, and everyone messed with Jonathan’s love for Star Wars. Famous Last Words was next, with the endings for agents, cell phones, tofu, and Jedi. Serious Scene needed eucalyptus pills for koalas with a very personal problem. Debate Club had the cast arguing about Steven King, pronunciation, Australia, and cute, cuddly things.

And scene!