Carlena and Carolyn rocked their Youth Collective show for the first show of the night! Our FAM was Rumly! She is helping a courier and getting better at it. She enjoys hanging out with friends and contests, and once dyed the woll of a prize sheep.

The Quickest Minute had Felicity and Jenna trying to be the world record fence jumpers. Carolyn and Carlena were joined by Audrey for Marriage Counselor, where Carolyn was obsessed with squirrels, Audrey collected fidget spinners, and they didn’t have the same taste in music. Thankfully, Carlena was a great therapist!

Famous Last Words had the endings for sheep, teachers, spaghetti, and sneaky people. Up next was Questions, where the pancake was taking forever to cook and the girls were thinking yes to snowballs. The show ended with Sing It, with squirrels in the pizza factory.

And scene!