Happy Friday from BYOI! We had a great show with Daniel, Ian, Emily, Audrey, Josh and Jonathan. Our FAM was Ali! She’s a 5th grader who loves art, romantic comedies, and Irish step dancing. She came to the show with her loving mom and annoying sister. FAM Revolver had bad superpowers and a lying weatherman.

Fortunately, Unfortunately had Jack at the beanstalk, but he broke his nail at the top! There was no rain above the clouds, but there was rain on a pool party with a shoe falling from the sky. Remake had a Girl Scout trying to sell cookies to her diabetic grandmother. The first redo was a 50’s sci-fi version with rechargable robots, while the second one was a documentary with kids learning fiscal responsibility. Finally, the art instructional version was a performance art piece about the idle consumer.

New Born was a blast! Emily and audience member Paul were Bob Ross and Machu Pichu, who were the proud parents of baby vegetable balls. Guidance Counselor had Ian eating alone in the restroom, Audrey as a hamster who liked using her claws, and a brave audience member as an art teacher with kids who kept eating bad stuff. Up next was Post It, with the moon+thrift store coupon, fireman+Mike’s pastry, deserted island+marshmallow peep, and New Zealand+gladiator. Sit, Stand and Lie Down had an upset snap, and lots of lying down on the job. The final game was Busta Rap! In the end, it came down to Audrey and audience member Rose, with Audrey winning the battle.

And scene!