We had another great show with Jonathan, Emily, Josh, Audrey, Ian and Daniel. Our FAM was Jay, who is going to school for pottery and clay arts. Transylvanian architure and being able to create little owls and sloths are hobbies of theirs. They came to the show with Charity! FAM Growing and Shrinking had sloths, a tree hugger, and all the things were on fire.

Freeze Tag had a “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in techno, weird socks, an evolving fish, and a birthday pony! In Last Line, First Line, it was really cramped but warm, Erich was a super messy eater, and living in a toaster caused problems. From there, Emily reluctantly had company in Party Quirks. Daniel was a Portuguese beach, Josh was afraid of carrots, and audience member Josiah was a pegasus who tasted like whoopie pie.

Next up was Revolver! Audrey and Tim were trying to screw a dog into a car, Ian taught Motown lessons, and audience member Jared’s shark suit had a fin in the back. Quick Scenes had a little bit country, an awkward visit to the doctor, and catfishing. Sports Commentator followed this, where we learned you should never use your legs to start a lawnmower in the lawnmowing championship. The night ended with Welcome Song, with the cast recapping the show in song.

And scene!