We had a fun family friendly show with Jonathan, Audrey, Daniel, David, Krissy, and Tim! Our FAM was Antigone, who is a mom and bartender. She loves reading romance novels, but not sappy sad ones. FAM Remake had a French film about hiding in a restaurant where a brother was guilted to death. Thankfully, love could conquer all when it came to an alien invasion, and fluffy bunny pajamas were acceptable dinner atire.

Freeze Tag had the conquering of sides of the bedroom, car keys in the ravine, and a hippo needed to get in the tub. Revolver had a single corn instead of a unicorn and a 9 year old learning how to woo a girl. From there, Tim had company in Party Quirks! Audrey was a koala that drinks tea, Krissy was really angered by straws, and audience member Kat was a music fangirl.

This was followed by Last Line, First Line! We witnessed a really enthusiastic shopping trip and really weird products. Up next was Quick Scenes, with uncoordinated twins, pet hair everywhere, and environmentally friendly vandalism. Sports Commentator had the laundry and dishes done super fast. Finally, the show ended with Curtain Call.

And scene!