What a fun night for our late night show witn Audrey, Jonathan, Krissy, David, Tim, and Daniel! Our FAM was Shannon, who is a college student. She wants to grow up to play with animals and not eat them. Shannon does improv and acapella at Wheaton College, where she met our own Audrey! FAM Last Line, First Line had the Eiffel Tower being supported, clown camp, and zombies!

The show started off with Good, Bad, and Ugly. We learned out to stay hydrated…or not, what to do with spaghetti (protip: don’t thow it at mom), and how to perform improv. Lines From a Cup was a blast! Daniel and Jonathan were joined by a brave audience member. They were on a commune farm with a Wookie, and Audrey approved of that message. Next up was Pavlovian Response, with a hamster on a train. There was lots of face touching, pulse taking, and pushups. Sorry, Tim!

Say It Again had Krissy rooming with David and audience member Paul. The guys had weird pizza habits, and the lease said no cows. Rope spaghetti between fingers, building climbing, bad ratings, and a souffle for one. Tableau followed this, with scenes at Wheaton College, France, and the zoo. The final game of the night was Highlander! David, Tim, Audrey and Jonathan were playing kids playing with blocks. Duplos were trash, windows weren’t green, and the code said everything needed to be three bricks tall.

And scene!