It finally feels a little like spring on this Friday evening, and the Youth Collective show lent even more levity than the weather! Rose, Gussy and Aidan were on cast, and our FAM was Moises, who attends Trinity Academy for Performing Arts as a music major. He preferred genre is Jazz, and he plays several instruments. We kicked off the evening with a game of Freeze Tag. Jazz hands were a medical issue, the trunk was overstuffed, and the fish did not like being out of his bowl. During Party Quirks, Rose had to guess that Aidan was extremely happy about dead fish, and Gussy was turning into a goose. Then, we played Two-Headed Monster. The monster applied for a job, but training did not go so well. Taco Tuesday lost its’ shells, and the salsa was enough.

Revolver featured scenes about rock, viola, and family. The geode was too expensive, and the rock split in two. The flowers were crushed but the holiday seating arrangements were successful. Utensils worked in a pinch, the games were discussed, and the bank account was emptied. Gussy won a creative game of Highlander featuring an overworked mom making pasta for very difficult children. Bickering about ketchup and chewing made mom more and more flustered, but she had a trick up her sleeve (or in the sock).

And Scene!!!