It is 7pm and our Family Friendly Show was a blast! We had Alan, Josh, Ian, Amy, Emily and Tim on cast, and our FAM was Athena who loves to sing but is recovering from a cold. She loves K-Pop and musical theater, and if she had a singing show, it would be hosted by Brendan Geary, not Ryan Seacrest. Her favorite aquatic animal is a penguin, and her favorite musical is Heathers. We started off the show with a FAM Sing It for Athena, featuring such rousing musical numbers as “What a Beautiful Bus Stop”, “Stretch Your Voice” and ‘Football Roundup”. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly taught us that good singers avoid burping on a stage coach, flowers and British uniforms make for a more civil reenactment, and we had our eyes on the contaminated candy. Short Cutz had us popping K corn with our small friends. Mom was bothering us while we played video games and we forgot to do our homework, but we jumped the penguins after we mastered economics.

Pavlovian Response had our volunteers and cast getting triggered! Every time someone lifts their arms, Tim had to do dishes. Every time someone did dishes, our audience volunteer had to chirp like a bird, and every time someone said “Watch”, Alan had to cough. Lines from a Cup featured Amy and Josh and our FAM. The cast of Jumanji had a snake in their boot and wanted free admission to Infinity Wars. Rope displayed our love for turtles, had the whole world in our hands, and the pretty dancing princess took a seat. Tableau painted pretty pictures of penguins, John and Jim and giant and a Slim Jim at the gym, and McDonalds was our kind of place with hamburgers in our face. Debate Club closed the show with a lively argument about the virtues of squeaky chickens. We had to buy the eggs to make them nurture, the geese squeaked too, and the chickens don’t throw.

And Scene!!!