Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Amy, Tim, Alan, Emily and Ian and our FAM Mackenzie who both goes to school and coordinates activities for senior living. She loves playing word games but does not like Bingo. At Dunkin, she wants a medium ice coffee with caramel swirl light and 5 Splenda, and if she could blend two animals she would blend a T-Rex and an Armadillo. We started off with a FAM Movie Critics, featuring “Me”, a biopic all about Mackenzie. After leaving the senior living center, she entered the Word Game Winter Olympics and lost a loved one to hypoperfusion for lack of a blanket, but she could not see John Cena. Growing and Shrinking Machine was all about Sharpies, sharpies, snowman reanimations, extension suggestions and physics indecisions. Meanwhile, the laser drifted off the target but Lord Vader found out and ran away, while the stormtroopers continued to miss the mark. During Press Conference, Josh had to guess that he was Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents and he had invented the copy machine that makes copies of coffee.

Sing it was a majestic musical with songs about ice cream, disgruntled scoopers, excitement and screaming. Slogans followed that, with inventive slogans for such exciting concepts as tigers that sell cornflakes, swagalicious perfume, badminton that is good for you. BYOI Alumni Candice volunteered for Trolley Stop, where Johnny Mashed Potatoes and Phil the Cheesesteak met up with enthusiastic exercisers, feline lunar thesis papers, and suspicious Facebook Quizmasters. Our last game was and Irish Ditty for our FAM!

And Scene!!!