We had a fun family friendly show with Audrey, Amy, David, Emily, Josh and Jonathan. Our FAM was Marguerite! She’s a retired nurse who loves word search puzzles and knitting. She’d like to visit Rome to see the Pope, and she came to the show with the fantastic Cheryl and David. FAM Typewriter showed us the introduction of Marguerite and Roland, lots of scarves, a knitted bandage, and a trip with the kids.

Growing and Shrinking had stolen cheesy puffs, an iffy friendship, things covered in goo, and prize tickets. Sing It had the police at the scene of aggravated knitting. It was a ton of fun! Next up, Jonathan was Mickey Mouse, who discovered instant teleportation in Press Conference.

Meanwhile had a hungry bull who couldn’t run people over or eat them, and really expensive hummus. From there, we went over to Slogans. The cast and a few brave audience members came up with one liners for turtles, swords, immersion blenders, and photo therapy. Trolley Stop then introduced us to members of the USS Enterprise, snake hunters, combative chickens, and snakes. The show ended with Do Run, as the cast sang about our FAM!

And scene!