We had another great show with Amy, Jonathan, Josh, Emily, David and Audrey! Our FAM was Danue–I mean, Renee! She loves karaoke, painting and writing young adult fiction. FAM Reunion had Renee in Vegas with her cats at a dog communicator show. Along the way, her evil twin and the villain in her story showed up, and the cats were not amused.

Helping Hands had Jonathan and David frantically setting up for a party, but there was a fire along the way. They tried to grill meat, but it was difficult with a very small spatula. Movie Critics showed us the French film, “Le Giraffe,” which was about Geoffrey the Giraffe after the demise of Toys ‘R Us. Poppy joined him at the zoo, and a volcano erupted at the end. Next up was Timmy In the Well, where Amy had to figure out that Mr. Rogers had a flat tire in Hawaii.

Two Headed Monster had the monster at a bar, but the drinks were too fruity and not stiff enough. Audrey was a tough bartender, and demanded payment only in song. From there, we jumped over to Spelling Bee! There were some dubious definitions of words like ball, pencil, whizzbang, garbage, and hippopotamus. Try That On For Size had everyone doing weird things like checking a hippo’s temperature, milking an angry cow, and fistbumping all the people. The night ended with Say It Again, where Kevin Costner the cat was a really picky eater, Mr. Kittymeatface loved almost everyone, and we saw some amazing direction for the weirdest movie ever.

And scene!